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Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Simulated cyberattacks on a company’s systems can help identify vulnerabilities without suffering the consequences of an actual attack.

Put Your Security To The Test

Penetration Testing service helps test IT security breaches and identify weak links in the company’s cybersecurity. The process challenges the integrity of the network and the systems attached to it. Proper health and upkeep of a company’s IT infrastructure are critical to the smooth working of the organization.

Reduced Costs

The expense of testing the systems is far lower than what is at stake if the systems face an actual attack. Our team of experts ensures that penetration testing highlights the weak spots in your organization’s security without causing any harm to your systems and network. Ethical hacking tests help identify security vulnerabilities within a company’s systems. These tests are conducted by utilizing one or more of the following techniques based on the OWASP methodology:

  • Black box: External perspective testing.
  • Grey box: Partial knowledge testing.
  • White box: Full access testing.

What Can We Test For Vulnerabilities In Your Network?

  • External infrastructure
  • Internal infrastructure
  • Applications (Web, Mobile, PC)

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