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Protect from Internal Threats

Insight offers an advanced solution to protect your internal networks and assets. With thorough audits and intelligence reports, Insight provides valuable recommendations to keep your business secure. 

Optimized Tools for stronger protection

Your Cybersecurity, Augmented and Amplified

Harness the power of Insight to secure and advance your organization. Our scanner understands your database and tailors itself to your systems and network.

Seamless Integration

Effortlessly incorporate Insight with your existing database and network infrastructure.

Clear Dashboard

Gain a panoramic view of your security landscape with our user-friendly dashboard and maximize control.

Autonomous Scanning

The Insight Scanner knows its path. It acts independently with configuration options to suit your preferences.

Secured By Cybecs


Streamlined Threat Detection
and Remediation

Insight methodically navigates network topography, organizational policies, and potential vulnerabilities. 

Network Scanning

Scans devices and processes, highlighting vulnerabilities. Enables swift threat responses with immediate alerts.

Shared Folders Management

Get clear visibility and monitoring of company shared files and folders and be able to delete malicious content.

Anomalies Detection

A real-time cybersecurity hub. Detect anomalies, receive alerts, and oversee domain network health seamlessly.

Role and Permissions

Maintain vigilance over role and permission configurations to prevent unauthorized access and enhance your security.

Performance Monitoring

Insight amplifies your view into cybersecurity well-being, keeping you informed and a step ahead of adversaries.

agentless Scannig

Initiating a scan is  straightforward and
involves just a few steps:


What Our Clients Say About Us

At Cybces, we aim to deliver exceptional customer service through clear communication and professionalism. It’s why so many of our customers choose to work with us.

Cybecs tailored approach helped us identify and address vulnerabilities, solidifying our commitment to vendors, clients, and employees.

Osama Sabbah CEO Bedrok

Working with Cybecs has been a transformative experience for Sapiens. As CISO, ensuring secure development is paramount.

Guy Avnor CIO Sapiens

Our collaboration with Cybecs, and their expert assessments, has transformed our cybersecurity approach as secure content creators.

Elad Lurie R&D Manager Malca Amit

At Aleph Farm, we've always prioritized innovation and security. Partnering with Cybecs for their CISO as a Service was a strategic decision.

Savriel Stemker Head of IT Aleph Farms

We have hired them for Pentest services and they have gone further than any other company. I highly recommend their security services.

Eduardo Ramones General Manager Powerfleet

We partner directly with Cybecs, and feel they have the most robust active measures cyber platform in the World.

Alan Silverberg CEO - Digijaks