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Cyber Awareness Reimagined

Rokware is a cybersecurity awareness platform that educates employees and alerts them about phishing emails, scam SMS messages, and fraudulent phone calls.

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Rising Digital Threats

The digital world is full of traps set by cyber criminals. Often, these malicious intents are hidden in seemingly benign emails, messages, or calls, leading to significant data breaches and financial losses for both individuals and organizations.

Educate and Evaluate

Rokware stands at the forefront of cybersecurity awareness. Our platform not only educates users about these threats but also conducts simulated campaigns, helping organizations identify potential weak points and bolstering their defenses against real-world cyber-attacks.

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Best Practices
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Cybersecurity awareness simplified

Rokware’s seamless integration enables the creation of awareness campaigns and employee education in a friendly and professional manner.

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Digital Awareness is Redefining the Workplace

Awareness Campaigns

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Numbers That Matter

What Our Customers Say

Find out what our customers are saying about our products.

As CEO of Bedrock, I am acutely aware of the paramount importance of safeguarding our clients' personal data against the ever-evolving threats in the cyber landscape. It is with great pleasure that I share our experience partnering with Cybecs for our cybersecurity needs, encompassing both their Penetration Testing services and their Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) service.

Osama Sabbah CEO & Founder - Bedrock

Partnering with Cybecs experts in global privacy regulations has enhanced Malca-Amit's approach to data protection. Their deep understanding of complex legal frameworks like GDPR and CPRA has guided us in achieving compliance and fostering a culture focused on data security. This collaboration is vital in maintaining our reputation as a trusted and responsible leader in our industry.

Elad Laurie R&D Manager - Malca Amit

Airline industries are prime targets for cyber threats, given the extensive customer data we handle. Rokware's comprehensive training modules offered our staff the knowledge to safeguard our systems effectively, and stay away from cyber attacks and phishing attempts.

Tami Fintsy IT Director