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Red is a powerful threat hunter

Red monitors the Dark Web for leaked information and credentials from your organization. Red provides real-time alerts, allowing you to change credentials and information to prevent a breach and a targeted attack.

Leading companies and organizations use Red to monitor online threats and prepare for attacks

Red Knows Before Attackers Do

Rapid Incident Response

Red equips security teams with the tools needed for rapid incident response. Our platform delivers real-time alerts, automated workflows, and actionable recommendations for effective remediation actions.

Proactive Threat Hunting

Red proactively identifies potential threats before they cause significant harm. This can help organizations stay ahead of the attackers and prevent security incidents before they happen.

Percision Analytics

Faster and more accurate threat detection. Our platform leverages advanced analytics to analyze vast data from various sources, ensuring precise identification of security threats.

Gain Insights that matter

Know, Don’t Guess

Red enables individuals and organizations to protect against cyber threats by gathering and analyzing data, identifying trends, and focusing on relevant threats to take proactive security measures.

Real-Time Threat Alerts

Stay informed with our subscription-based service that delivers up-to-date information on potential cybersecurity threats and industry trends. We identify and alert your organization to potential risks.

Dark Web Monitoring

Our cutting-edge technology actively monitors, searches, and identifies the dark web for any stolen, leaked, or compromised data that may pose a threat to your organization's security.

Digital Footprint Insights

Gain insights into your organization's online presence, vulnerabilities, and threats. Our services enable proactive cybersecurity measures to mitigate risks and safeguard your valuable assets.

Persistent Threat Intelligence

We specialize in the collection, analysis, and dissemination of information related to advanced persistent threats (APTs) targeting organizations. Get detailed insights into the techniques, tactics, and procedures of APT groups.

Threat Intelligence Sources

ISACs, commercial and government intelligence sources

These are companies that specialize in collecting and analyzing threat
intelligence data and providing it to organizations for a fee.

Many governments provide cyber threat intelligence services to
their citizens, either through official channels or via public-private

These are industry specific organizations that share threat
intelligence data and best practices among their members.

Scanning Worldwide

We are Always on the hunt
for attackers

Red helps organizations prevent and reduce security incidents, stay ahead of cyber threats, and protect their most valuable assets.

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Ransomware Attempts in 2022

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Average ransom demand

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Average records impacted

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Records affected per attack

Threat Intelligence Sources

Red security research team, open-source and communities intelligence sources

Publicly available information that is used to gain insight into potential cyber threats. This includes sources such as social media, news reports, and blogs.

Online communities where cybersecurity professionals and researchers share threat intelligence data and discuss the latest threats.

A group of experienced professionals who specialize in analyzing threat intelligence data and identifying the latest cyber threats to help organizations stay secure.

in their words

Hear From Our Clients

Cybecs tailored approach helped us identify and address vulnerabilities, solidifying our commitment to vendors, clients, and employees.

Osama Sabbah CEO Bedrok

Working with Cybecs has been a transformative experience for Sapiens. As CISO, ensuring secure development is paramount.

Guy Avnor CIO Sapiens

Cybecs’ flexible and forward-thinking approach to cybersecurity has equipped us with the agility to adapt and always be prepared for any Cyber threat.

Tami Fintsy IT Director

Our collaboration with Cybecs, and their expert assessments, has transformed our cybersecurity approach as secure content creators.

Elad Lurie R&D Manager Malca Amit

At Aleph Farm, we've always prioritized innovation and security. Partnering with Cybecs for their CISO as a Service was a strategic decision.

Savriel Stemker Head of IT Aleph Farms

Our collaboration with the Cybecs team providing SDLC and GRC services has been instrumental in enhancing Masav's security frameworks.

Ido Sagie CISO Masav

We partner directly with Cybecs, and feel they have the most robust active measures cyber platform in the World.

Alan Silverberg CEO - Digijaks