Anti Phishing Training

Anti Phishing Training

A successful training initiative involves modifying user behavior to mitigate issues. Our anti-phishing training program is designed to educate individuals on warding off phishing attacks. Such attacks target individuals as the weakest link in the security chain, rather than exploiting technical vulnerabilities.

Verizon’s 2019 report indicates that 90% of breaches occur through email attachments and links. Mobile devices are particularly vulnerable due to their small screen sizes and the potential for distraction during use. Given that a data breach can cost millions of dollars, we assist companies in creating and delivering anti-phishing training to their employees. Phishing emails impersonate legitimate websites, posing a grave risk to users who unknowingly provide sensitive information. This information can be used to access a company’s internal documents and personal employee records. The effectiveness of anti-phishing initiatives depends on employee response to such emails, making it vital to establish a phishing awareness culture within the organization. Employee education on identifying potential phishing attempts is also critical.

Employees should be able to identify:


  • Illegitimate email format.
  • Relevant email sources.
  • Fake invoice.
  • Claims of government refund.
  • Links that ask to fill account details.


Apart from the mentioned items above, it’s important for employees to undergo training on how to accurately report potential phishing attacks to the appropriate risk department. This is significant in strengthening the organization’s defense against attacks and minimizing the likelihood of similar incidents happening to other staff members.


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