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Cloud Security

Cloud Security

In the current business landscape, cloud services have become increasingly integral for companies to function effectively. To ensure a successful transition or growth in the cloud environment, maintaining a strong security posture and risk assessment score is crucial. It has become especially important with the presence of SaaS/PaaS/IaaS/On-premise in multi-cloud environments.

To mitigate risks and keep them at an acceptable level, conducting a Cloud Security Risk Assessment (CSRA) is highly recommended. This allows businesses to better manage their risks and create a change management plan while also providing a clear business heat map of potential risks.

How Can your Business Benefit CSRA

When you conduct a CSRA, you can effectively manage your risks, create an appropriate change management plan, and obtain a business “heat map” of such risks, identifying the business enablers and focal points that require mitigation as a necessary part of many compliance mandates. This includes GDPR, HIPAA and many other regulations.

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