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Sapiens Strengthens Digital Framework through Partnership with Cybecs

Sapiens Strengthens Digital Framework through Partnership with Cybecs

Sapiens International Corporation

Sapiens International Corporation (NASDAQ, TASE: SPNS) offers a cloud-based SaaS platform for the financial sector, specializing in insurance. With 40+ years of experience, the company has more than 5000 employees and serves 600+ customers in 30 countries, streamlining digital transformations across core, data, and digital domains

The Challenge

In an era where cybersecurity is paramount, Sapiens was strategically positioned to ensure top-tier protection. The regulatory demand for consistent penetration testing (PT) was intensified by their clients’ continuous communication mechanisms with company agents and vendors. With the expansion of their digital networks, identifying potential security vulnerabilities, especially from outdated components, became a critical concern. The potential risk of data breaches and information leaks from exposed endpoints loomed large.

The Cybecs Solution

Recognizing the importance of a robust cybersecurity partner, Sapiens brought in Cybecs. Renowned for its expertise, Cybecs used its cutting-edge tool, Red, to create in-depth PT reports. Collaboration with Sapiens’ CIO, Guy Avnor, resulted in an in-depth analysis, revealing the most intricate vulnerabilities.

Following the diagnostics, Cybecs presented a detailed set of recommendations, becoming an instrumental force in Sapiens’ cybersecurity overhaul. Post-implementation, Cybecs validated the rectification measures to ensure top-notch security standards. Furthermore, Cybecs deployed Insight into Sapiens’ internal network, adding another layer of protective vigilance.

Security Transformation

Streamlined Reporting and Proactive Action

Cybecs’ detailed PT reports identified and simulated potential security threats. This hands-on approach ensured that Sapiens’ IT team didn’t just rectify but understood the very genesis of the breaches. The intelligence of Red played a pivotal role, providing the tools for Sapiens to become more resilient and proactive in its cybersecurity initiatives.

Risk Management with Insight

Cybecs’ Insight became a game-changer. With real-time monitoring, it offered Sapiens a panoramic view of potential threats. This assured swift response times and fortified Sapiens’ cybersecurity stance, minimizing potential future threats.

Building a Stronger Reputation

In the financial sector, reputation is everything. By mitigating potential breaches, Sapiens ensured their credibility remained untarnished, fostering greater trust among their clients.

Establishing Long Term Partnerships

Guy Avnor, Chief Information Officer at Sapiens:

“The methodologies Cybecs employs in managing cyber risks assure us all a more secure operational future. Their proficiency in addressing the nuances of cybersecurity makes them an invaluable partner for Sapiens.”

Towards a More Resilient Digital Future

The collaboration between Cybecs and Sapiens has been nothing short of transformational. With Cybecs by their side, Sapiens has managed to place cybersecurity at the forefront of its operational priorities. This proactive approach ensures that Sapiens remains a stalwart in its industry, free from the shadows of potential cyber threats.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Sapiens, with the tools and expertise from Cybecs, is well-prepared to face new cybersecurity challenges, ensuring their platform remains impervious to threats and always ahead in the cybersecurity game.


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