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ODDITY & IL MAKIAGE: Pioneering the Future of Online Beauty with Rigid Cybersecurity

ODDITY & IL MAKIAGE: Pioneering the Future of Online Beauty with Rigid Cybersecurity


IL MAKIAGE, launched by a dynamic brother-sister entrepreneurial team in the US in 2018, has cemented its place as a New York-based tech-driven prestige beauty brand. With an ambitious mission to revolutionize the online beauty shopping experience, the brand utilizes cutting-edge technology to match individuals with superior, thoroughly-tested beauty products. After its meteoric rise as the fastest-growing online beauty brand in the US, IL MAKIAGE expanded its horizon to the UK and Germany in 2020, persistently disrupting the global beauty space with meticulous product development.

ODDITY, a groundbreaking consumer-tech platform, aims to reshape the global beauty and wellness landscape. Incorporating data science, machine learning, and computer vision, ODDITY crafts phenomenal products, ensuring consumers receive an unparalleled experience. With flagship brands IL MAKIAGE and SpoiledChild under its umbrella, ODDITY has successfully transitioned millions to their first online beauty shopping. The New Ventures brand incubator within ODDITY capitalizes on its rich data and tech foundation to conceive innovative brands, address consumer challenges, and further revolutionize the global beauty and wellness sectors. With strategic operations based in New York and a dedicated R&D hub in Tel Aviv, ODDITY and IL MAKIAGE are making waves in the digital beauty domain.

Protecting beauty from the beast

Ensuring their online platforms are impervious to threats is paramount for such groundbreaking brands. The task? Guarantee that their websites stand resilient against hacks, validate the site’s credentials, and ascertain the maturity of their software development lifecycle (SDLC).

Cybecs’ Tailored Response

Penetration Testing: Cybecs delved deep into penetration testing to scrutinize the integrity and vulnerability of their online interfaces, ensuring a formidable defense against potential cyberattacks.

Application Security: Beyond the surface, Cybecs fortified the very coding backbone of their platforms, ensuring end-to-end application security.

Checkpoint Harmony Implementation: A customized installation of Checkpoint Harmony bolstered the brands’ cyber defense, making them even more resilient to potential threats. CISOaaS Collaboration: Working hand-in-hand with their Chief Information Security Officers, Cybecs ensured the digital policies were robust and consistently updated to reflect the latest cybersecurity standards.

Reflection from the CTO

“As the CTO of our company, I must say that our collaboration with Cybecs Professional Services has revolutionized the digital beauty industry. Their top-notch cybersecurity expertise has allowed our innovation to thrive without any worries about cyber threats.”

Niv Price CTO

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