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Max and Cybecs Spearhead a New Era of Cybersecurity in Digital Banking

Max and Cybecs Spearhead a New Era of Cybersecurity in Digital Banking


Established in 2000 under the banner of Leumi Card, a subsidiary of Leumi Bank Ltd., Max, with its team of over 1600 dedicated employees, has ascended to prominence as one of Israel’s premier financial institutions. With an impressive record of issuing approximately 3.1 million Visa and MasterCard branded credit cards, Max has garnered a reputation for its diverse portfolio of financial services. This includes an expansive suite of card issuing, acquiring, and processing services, complemented by a myriad of innovative payment and credit solutions.

Understanding Max’s Distinctive Stature in the Digital Financial Realm:

 Max, formerly known as Leumi Card, proudly stands tall, radiating its commitment to unrivaled service and impenetrable security. MAX isn’t just about numbers and transactions; It serves as a trusted pillar amidst numerous digital platforms. Every transaction, every client interaction, every product developed, carries with it the weight of Max’s reputation – a reputation built on innovation, integrity, and an unwavering commitment to securing financial futures. And with this weight comes a myriad of responsibilities, such as ensuring:

  • Unwavering compliance with both financial regulations and the specific stipulations of the FDIC.
  • Regular checks that not only meet but often surpass global industry standards.
  • In-depth training sessions with Max’s developers, focusing on the integral nuances of the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

The Complex Web of Challenges in Modern Digital Transactions:

In today’s hyper-connected world, digital transactions are not just numerical exchanges; they are a fine line of balance between technology and trust. For Max, the challenges in orchestrating this balance are manifold. It’s not just about ensuring smooth transitions; it’s about safeguarding every touchpoint:

  • Guaranteeing the robustness of their expansive web portal, the versatility of applications, and the responsiveness of their IVR system.
  • Relentlessly scanning for and patching vulnerabilities in their Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) protocols.
  • Harnessing the expansive capabilities of OSINT, allowing them to deftly prevent fraudulent activities by cross-referencing vast pools of public data for personal identification verification.
The digital domain, particularly in finance, is like navigating through a minefield. Every step, every decision, carries with it inherent risks. Our partnership with Cybecs has been instrumental in helping us chart a safe path, ensuring the trust our customers place in us is never compromised.
Yuliy German
CISO & Director of Operations, Max

Innovative Solutions: The Bedrock of Max’s Digital Security Strategy:

To stay ahead in the ever-evolving game of cyber threats requires not just reaction, but anticipation. Max’s strategy is deeply rooted in this philosophy. Their multi-pronged approach includes:

  1. Security Champions Initiative: More than just a program, it’s an ethos. By imparting specialized training to internal teams, every Max employee becomes an advocate of digital security, ensuring its principles radiate through every department.
  2. Advanced Security Tool Mastery: Equipping their team with the knowledge to adeptly wield tools like SAST, DAST, and Software Composition Analysis ensures that Max remains proactive, addressing vulnerabilities before they become genuine threats.
  3. Rigorous Programming Oversight: With Cybecs’ expertise, Max delves deep into its programming core, ensuring every line of code, every process, and every workflow stands up to the highest standards of security.

The Tangible Outcomes of Max’s Commitment:

While Max’s proactive measures in digital security have yielded a plethora of technical benefits, its true triumph lies in the intangible. It’s the peace of mind their clients experience, the trust they place in Max’s systems, and the knowledge that behind every transaction, there’s a team relentlessly working to ensure their financial security.

A stronghold  Reputation and Legacy in the Digital Age:

Complacency is the nemesis of innovation. Max, fully cognizant of this, sees every challenge, every feedback, and every evolution in the digital finance landscape as an opportunity—a chance to further hone their services, fortify their systems, and reaffirm their commitment to their clientele. As the horizons of digital finance expand, Max is poised not just to journey through it but to lead, shaping the future with every step.

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