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From Policies to Protocols: How AIG and Cybecs are Leading Insurance Cybersecurity

From Policies to Protocols: How AIG and Cybecs are Leading Insurance Cybersecurity

American International Group (AIG)

As a leader in commercial and personal insurance solutions, AIG is one of the world’s most far-reaching property casualty networks, offering a broad range of products, including Liability, Financial Lines, Property, Global Specialty, Crop Risk Services, Personal Lines and Accident and Health.

Navigating the Cyber Frontier:

In the digital age, insurance giants like AIG face multifaceted cyber challenges. While the company has always been at the forefront of technological adoption, the burgeoning complexities of the online realm posed specific obstacles. As AIG expanded its operations and embraced digital transformations, it became imperative to address these challenges head-on to ensure the trust and safety of their stakeholders.


  1. Endpoint Security: The surge in remote operations and an interconnected digital ecosystem intensified the need for encrypted data transfers and robust endpoint security.

  2. Compliance with Data Regulations: Navigating regulations like GDPR and HIPAA meant that AIG had to adhere to rigorous data protection measures, particularly when dealing with sensitive personal data.

  3. Advanced Threat Landscape: The evolving nature of cyber threats called for AIG to be equipped with real-time threat intelligence and predictive analytics capabilities.

  4. Integration of Legacy Systems: Melding heritage systems with modern digital solutions without sacrificing security integrity posed a unique challenge.

The Solution:

Through a comprehensive approach, Cybecs employed several strategies to address AIG’s challenges. Cybec’s Tailored Risk Assessment considered AIG’s unique operational landscape to develop customized solutions that addressed the organization’s most pressing vulnerabilities.

  • Vulnerability Management: Utilizing their Advanced Threat Assessment Survey, Cybecs identified vulnerabilities in AIG’s security framework, particularly within their cloud infrastructure and data storage mechanisms.
  • Security Protocol Standardization: Aligning with ISO 27001 and NIST frameworks, Cybecs deployed standardized security protocols, fortifying AIG’s defenses against advanced persistent threats and zero-day incursions.
  • Adaptive Threat Intelligence: Drawing insights from their Cyber Risk Trend Analysis Surveys, Cybecs provided AIG with state-of-the-art predictive threat intelligence tools, empowering them to address security concerns even before they manifest.
  • Professional Services & Onsite Support: Recognizing the significance of hands-on support, Cybecs dedicated a team to be physically present at AIG’s premises five days a week. This team played a pivotal role in managing information security, crafting essential documentation, and ensuring system optimization. Explore more about Cybecs’ Professional services and Security consultation services.
During our digital transformation, we needed a proficient cybersecurity partner. Cybecs' expertise in adaptive threat intelligence and compliance helped us achieve our goals with precision.
Alon Kor
Cheif Information Officer - AIG


The strategic partnership between AIG and Cybecs led to transformative results, reshaping the cybersecurity dynamics for AIG. This alliance not only addressed the immediate challenges but also laid the groundwork for future resilience. Here’s an overview of the remarkable improvements achieved:

  1. Intrusion Detection and Response: Post Cybecs’ integration, AIG saw a notable uptick in intrusion detection capabilities and expedited incident response times, creating a more robust shield against potential breaches.
  2. Data Privacy Compliance: With Cybecs at the helm guiding data mapping and encryption techniques, AIG scaled higher peaks of conformity with global data regulations, further enhancing their market reputation.
  3. Enhanced Network Visibility: The collaboration with Cybecs provided AIG with deep insights into their network traffic, optimizing data flow management and refining risk mitigation strategies.


The collaboration between AIG and Cybecs exemplifies the powerful synergy achieved when strategic foresight meets technical expertise. This partnership has not only elevated AIG’s cybersecurity posture but also established a standard for the industry. It is a clear demonstration of AIG’s resolute dedication to ensuring the utmost security for its stakeholders and consistently delivering service excellence

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