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Crafting a Secure Digital Future for WeSure with Cybecs

Crafting a Secure Digital Future for WeSure with Cybecs


WeSure, an emerging leader in the insurance domain, has been at the forefront of adopting innovative digital solutions to cater to its vast customer base. As the company ventured deeper into the digital realm, the imperative for top-tier cybersecurity mechanisms grew exponentially. Realizing the gravity of ensuring optimal security standards, WeSure collaborated with Cybecs, a trailblazer in the cybersecurity arena.

Challenges In the Digital Forefront

WeSure’s rapid digitization, while revolutionary, posed significant security challenges. The complexity of managing both legacy and new systems, combined with the escalating sophistication of cyber threats, made it essential to seek advanced security solutions.

  • Endpoint Security: With the growing reliance on digital communications, the company sought rigorous encrypted data transfer protocols and fortified endpoint security.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Being in the insurance sector, WeSure was mandated to abide by regulations like GDPR, IPPA, CCPA, and CPRA emphasizing the protection of sensitive personal information.

  • Advanced Threat Landscape: Adapting to the continuously changing threat environment was crucial. WeSure recognized the need for predictive analytics and real-time threat intelligence.

  • Hands-on Expertise: WeSure needed a dedicated cybersecurity team present physically five days a week, not just to oversee the SOC, but to manage information security, create documentation, and handle system optimization.

Cybecs’ Solution:

Bridging the Security Gap: Cybecs approached WeSure’s challenges with a mix of professional services, security surveys, and security consultation services, ensuring that every security concern was met head-on.

  • Dedicated Onsite Support: Cybecs committed to having a team onsite five days a week, ensuring a hands-on approach to security concerns, from managing information security to crafting comprehensive documentation following the NIST and ISO27001 industry Standards.

  • System Optimization: Cybecs’ expertise extended to optimizing core systems such as Firewalls, Active Directory, Office 365, and EDR, enhancing both operational efficiency and security robustness.

  • Security Surveys: Cybecs conducted a series of comprehensive surveys like the Advanced Threat Assessment and Cyber Risk Trend Analysis, providing insights into potential vulnerabilities and areas of improvement.

"In our pursuit of digital excellence, ensuring top-tier security was paramount. Cybecs' commitment, both in terms of expertise and their hands-on approach, has been invaluable in strengthening our cybersecurity framework."
Amir Nuriel
Director of Information Systems, WeSure

Tangible Results and Enhanced Security:

The partnership between WeSure and Cybecs led to discernible improvements in WeSure’s cybersecurity infrastructure.

  • Improved Intrusion Detection: The enhanced security protocols and systems put in place by Cybecs amplified WeSure’s intrusion detection capacities.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Cybecs’ consultation services streamlined WeSure’s compliance processes, ensuring adherence to global data protection standards.

  • Clearer Network Visibility: Post collaboration, WeSure achieved greater clarity into its network activities, improving data management and risk assessment.


The synergy between WeSure and Cybecs has set a new standard in cybersecurity for the insurance sector. Through mutual dedication and expertise, they’ve established a model that emphasizes the importance of both digital innovation and unwavering security standards in the modern business landscape.

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