Tsofit Shachar on ‘ICS Cyber Talks’: Women in Cyber, Challenges & Future Trends

Tsofit Shachar on ‘ICS Cyber Talks’: Women in Cyber, Challenges & Future Trends Tsofit Shachar On ‘ICS Cyber Talks’: Women In Cyber, Challenges & Future Trends We’re thrilled to spotlight Tsofit Shachar’s recent appearance on the ‘ICS Cyber Talks’ podcast, hosted by Nachshon Pincu and Mally Bar. Tsofit, Vice President of Cyber Strategy and BizDev at Cybecs Security Solutions brings her extensive expertise as a former Global CISO at esteemed organizations like Elbit Systems, EL AL Israel Airlines, and MEKOROT® to the forefront of critical infrastructure cybersecurity. In this engaging podcast episode, Tsofit delves into several key topics: Challenges Faced by Women in Cyber: Tsofit sheds light on the unique challenges that women encounter in the realm of cybersecurity. Balancing Work and Life Decisions: She discusses the decisions and strategies related to achieving work-life balance in the dynamic field of cybersecurity. Evolving Cyber Landscape in 2023: Tsofit provides insights into the ever-changing cyber landscape in the current year. CISO Challenges in Prominent Organizations: Drawing from her rich experience, Tsofit addresses the specific challenges faced by Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) in prominent organizations. Differences in CISO Roles and Organizational Culture: She highlights the variations in CISO roles, organizational culture, and gender perspectives between Israel and other countries. Comparing the “New” and “Old” Cyber World: Tsofit offers comparisons between the traditional and modern aspects of the cybersecurity domain. Anticipated Cybersecurity Trends: Listeners gain insights into the anticipated trends in the cybersecurity sphere. Overcoming OT Cybersecurity Challenges: Tsofit explores challenges related to operational technology (OT) cybersecurity and how to create value for stakeholders. Transitioning to Business-Centric Cybersecurity: The transition from traditional cybersecurity approaches to business-centric strategies is discussed in detail. We cordially invite you to join the conversation and glean valuable insights from Tsofit Shachar, a prominent advocate for women in the Israeli cyberspace. Tune in to the full podcast episode 👉 Link. For further information on critical infrastructure cybersecurity and insights from Tsofit Shachar, feel free to explore our advanced security solutions. Kudos to TLV1 Podcasts, Itai Shelem, MADSEC, and Doron Sivan for facilitating this essential dialogue. ICS Cyber Talks Podcast TLV1 Podcasts Itai Shelem MADSEC Doron Sivan #podcast #womanleadership #woman #cyber #cyberdefence #otcybersecurity #icscybersecurity https://lnkd.in/d6hVkssT

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