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Raising The Bar In Supplier Management with Bedrock Procurement Solutions

Raising The Bar In Supplier Management with Bedrock Procurement Solutions


Bedrock is an unparalleled provider of supplier management technology and services worldwide, dedicated to enhancing finance and procurement operations. The company’s focus on recovering lost revenue, facilitating payments, reducing risks, and speeding up onboarding procedures sets it apart from the competition. Bedrock leverages advanced API connectivity to all leading ERP and P2P solutions and employs machine learning to eliminate human errors and achieve unparalleled efficiency. Its user-friendly interface and powerful dashboard reporting provide an unmatched real-time overview of processes, making it the ultimate supplier management solution.

The Challenge

Given the vast amounts of sensitive vendor and financial data that Bedrock’s supplier management solutions handle, cybersecurity is of paramount importance. Any breach, malware infection, or targeted attack could compromise this data, negatively affecting vendor confidence, damaging the company’s reputation, and leading to financial repercussions. To address this, Bedrock has taken a multifaceted approach to cybersecurity.

Initially, Bedrock used automated penetration testing with a standard toolset to detect vulnerabilities. However, the complexity of its operations, including API integration with major ERP and P2P solutions, required more nuanced security measures. The PT scans were not deep enough to account for these complexities and failed to pinpoint specific vulnerabilities. In response, Bedrock turned to Cybecs.

Cybecs’ Approach and Solution:

Cybecs undertook a comprehensive assessment of Bedrock’s operational structure, mapping out the data flow, scrutinizing integration touchpoints, and understanding business dependencies. This allowed for tailored PT scans, targeting specific vulnerabilities in the integration framework and ensuring protection against potential breaches that could disrupt the seamless data flow between Bedrock and its integrated platforms. Cybecs also incorporated manual PT scans using advanced tools, identifying potential breach points and designing strategic countermeasures to patch vulnerabilities.

Rokware improves awareness and enhances security posture.

In addition to this, Rockware played a critical role in gauging the cybersecurity awareness of Bedrock’s workforce. It subjected employees to real-world phishing and smishing simulations, identifying knowledge gaps and educating them accordingly. This ensured that employees remained vigilant against social engineering attacks, minimizing risks associated with them.


Bedrock’s collaboration with Cybecs and Rockware has solidified its reputation as a leader in supplier management, promising not just efficiency but also unwavering security. By taking proactive measures to safeguard sensitive data, Bedrock ensures continued trust from vendors and clients, operational continuity, financial security, and regulatory compliance.

"Supplier management in this digital age goes beyond transactions; it's about trust and secure data-sharing. Our collaboration with Cybecs solidified our commitment to vendors, clients, and employees. Their tailored approach pinpointed and addressed our vulnerabilities. Now, Bedrock stands as both a leader in supplier management and a model for cybersecurity excellence."
Osama Sabbah
Founder & CEO of Bedrock

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