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BrightSource Energy is committed to promoting clean energy while ensuring cyber resilience

BrightSource Energy is committed to promoting clean energy while ensuring cyber resilience


BrightSource Energy is a prominent player in the field of thermo-solar technology, boasting a global presence and a commitment to generating renewable energy and shaping the future of the grid space. The company leverages advanced forecasting and optimization capabilities, blending expert systems with AI to achieve performance gains, cost savings, and risk mitigation in an ever-evolving energy landscape. Specializing in Solar Concentration, Energy Management, and Smart Grids, BrightSource Energy faces a complex array of challenges, one of which is the need to contend with cyber threats.

The Brighter you shine, the more secure you need to be

As the company expanded, it grappled with managing legacy systems and the requirement to comply with international privacy standards. Aligning its information security policies with benchmarks such as GDPR, ISO 27001, and NIST was critical, especially as the company sought to optimize its annual cyber plan. In this context, a tailored approach to cyber defense was paramount.

Understanding nuances is critical when matching solutions.

Cybecs engaged with BrightSource Energy to map out data pathways, examine integration touchpoints, and gain an in-depth understanding of business interdependencies. This level of granularity enabled customized penetration testing (PT) scans, which went more profound than ever to identify potential vulnerabilities within the integration matrix. The combination of manual PT scans with innovative tools helped Cybecs to pinpoint vulnerabilities, paving the way for strategic defenses.

Integrating Rokware for enhanced awareness 

In parallel, Rokware played a crucial role in evaluating the cyber-awareness of BrightSource Energy’s staff. By simulating real-life phishing scenarios, Rokware identified gaps in knowledge and provided critical education to reduce risks linked to social engineering attacks.

Towards a brighter future

Thanks to the efforts of Cybecs, BrightSource Energy has fortified its position in the renewable energy sector. Their proactive measures demonstrate a commitment to security, operational excellence, and trust from global stakeholders. By safeguarding valuable data, BrightSource Energy is helping to promote clean energy and highlighting the critical importance of cybersecurity in today’s digital era.

Uncover vulnerabilities before attackers do

Red Team Penetration Testing


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