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Identifying vulnerabilities on the Dark Web with the help of Red, Cybecs’ threat intelligence platform

Identifying vulnerabilities on the Dark Web with the help of Red,  Cybecs’ threat intelligence platform

Taking a Proactive Approach when a data breach is discovered

As part of its ongoing efforts to maintain cybersecurity standards, Cybecs conducts deep scans of the digital environment. Their clientele includes various airline companies. During one such scan that was targeted at another firm, they unexpectedly discovered a concerning amount of data on the Dark Web and Deep Web. This cache of data was alarmingly linked to an Aviation Charter Company and exposed sensitive internal employee credentials. 

The Challenge: 

The discovery was alarming, especially since the Aviation Charter Company wasn’t an existing client of Cybecs. This serendipitous finding posed not only ethical dilemmas about information disclosure but also demonstrated the potentially severe consequences of such a breach – from halting day-to-day operations to eroding stakeholder confidence. 

Cybecs’ Proactive Response: 

Understanding the urgency and severity of the situation, Cybecs quickly contacted the Aviation Charter Company. Utilizing their advanced threat intelligence platform, Red, they compiled a detailed breach report that highlighted the vulnerable nature of the data and the potential areas of misuse. 

Integrating SIEM/SOC into the Solution: 

Given the volatile digital environment, a solution beyond just rectifying the current breach was necessary. Cybecs suggested integrating their state-of-the-art Security Operations Center (SOC) and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) services. 

Cybecs’ SOC provided unwavering digital surveillance, offering 24/7 monitoring of the Aviation Charter Company’s vast IT infrastructure. It identified anomalies and quickly flagged potential security lapses. The heartbeat of the SOC, the SIEM software, ensured meticulous oversight by collecting, analyzing, and correlating digital activity spanning the entire IT landscape of the airline. 

Key features tailored to the airline’s unique needs included: 

  • Blocking known malicious actors: A vital layer of defense that ensures identified malicious entities are consistently denied access. 
  • File integrity monitoring: A sophisticated tool that continually monitors core system files, ensuring no unsanctioned alterations or breaches occur. 
  • Detecting brute-force attacks: This is especially crucial given the exposure of employee credentials; this would actively ward off repeated login attempts. 
  • Monitoring AWS infrastructure: With the growing ubiquity of cloud solutions in modern enterprises, a vigilant eye over AWS assets was crucial. 

Incident Response and Collaboration: 

Working closely with the Aviation Charter Company’s in-house teams, Cybecs used their SIEM/SOC expertise to trace the breach’s origins, isolate affected systems, and chart out a roadmap for stringent future cybersecurity protocols. 

The Conclusion: 

Thanks to the symbiotic alliance between Red and the integrated SIEM/SOC services, the Aviation Charter Company not only mitigated its immediate vulnerabilities but also embarked on a path of robust digital fortification. By strengthening its system and infrastructure, the company has now positioned itself to proactively fend off future incidents and breaches. This highlights the crucial role that forward-thinking cybersecurity firms like Cybecs play in shaping a resilient digital business environment.

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