The Tor and I2P networks have been hit by a wave of ongoing DDoS attacks

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The Tor and I2P networks have been hit by a wave of ongoing DDoS attacks

Recently there have been connectivity and performance issues on the Tor network, as many surfers are experiencing glitches with Onion and i2p sites loading more slowly or not loading at all.

Tor Project CEO Isabella Dias Fernandez revealed on Tuesday that a wave of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks has been targeting the network since at least July 2022.

While the purpose of these ongoing attacks or the identity of the actor(s) behind them is still unknown, Fernandez said the Tor team will continue to fine-tune the network’s defenses to address this ongoing problem.

The Tor Network team will also be expanded to include two new members focused on developing .onion services.

The Tor network is not the only anonymous communication network currently targeted by DDoS attacks. The I2P network (short for Invisible Internet Project) is also facing a massive attack in the last three days.

As a result, I2P users may also experience problems due to some i2pd routers crashing with OOM (out of memory) errors when affected by this denial of service attack.

Just like with Tor, threat actors use a variety of tactics because “the attack starts/stops/changes multiple times a day,” as I2P’s project manager and core developer lead said in a Tuesday community meeting on IRC.

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