Keshet Media Group and Cybecs are implementing a modern approach to cybersecurity in broadcasting

Keshet Media Group and Cybecs are implementing a modern approach to cybersecurity in broadcasting


Keshet Media Group is a testament to broadcasting and media production excellence. With a legacy spanning several decades, the company has evolved with the digital age, establishing itself as a frontrunner in traditional and digital media. Notably, its digital portal, Mako, has garnered immense popularity, captivating an audience of over 20 million montlhy viewers and solidifying Keshet’s reputation as a media powerhouse.

The Challenge

In the rapidly digitizing media world, Keshet faced the challenge of creating exceptional content and ensuring its security. With the Mako portal seeing massive digital traffic and housing sensitive data, the cyber threat landscape became a significant concern.

Keshet Media Group faced the challenge of ensuring the security and confidentiality of its content in real time while maintaining its availability. To safeguard their user data and prevent cyberattacks, they partnered with Cybecs Professional Services. Through Insight and ExSight, Cybecs provided Keshet with a broader overview of current gaps in the existing EDR, ESET, and XDR systems and provided a comprehensive plan of action items after briefing the designated tech team and its supervisor.

Building a unified solution

Cybec’s Insight enabled Keshet to identify its cyber infrastructure’s potential weaknesses and continuously monitor system health in real time. ExSight provided data visualization to help Keshet understand its data flow, vulnerabilities, and risks. Keseht works with 3rd parties but also develops and maintains most of its content and has identified the opportunity of a breach from any of these external connections.

The rigorous cybersecurity assessments provided by Cybecs covered all possible external and internal risks with a mutual understanding that future development must address standard security measures to prevent malicious hackers from exploiting its subsidiary Mako online portal.

Cybecs’ CISO as a Service further strengthened Keshet’s defense line, utilizing advanced technology and expert knowledge to navigate the complex world of cyber threats. Cybecs’ consultants crafted customized solutions to Keshet’s needs, ensuring a resilient security posture.

Dimitry Muradov, the Information Technology Operations Manager at Keshet, expressed that their partnership with Cybecs has transformed their cybersecurity approach, making them not just content creators but secure content creators.

A secure future for a media household name

Keshet has enhanced its digital security and streamlined its operations by utilizing Insight, ExSight, and consulting services from Cybecs. Their dedication to technological advancements and commitment to excellence in a fast-paced media landscape is a testament to their unwavering spirit. Keshet’s creative and secure approach ensures that its audience of over 20 million remains engaged while the media powerhouse stays protected from potential threats.

"Our collaboration with Cybecs, leveraging tools like Insight and ExSight and their expert assessments, has transformed our cybersecurity approach. We're not just content creators now; we're secure content creators."
Reut Shriki Zorea
CIO, Keshet Media Group.

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