Staff Security Awareness Training

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Despite all the amazing technological innovations in cybersecurity, human error remains one of its greatest vulnerabilities. Firewalls, endpoint security tools and threat protection are essential elements for keeping our digital lives safe but can ultimately be undermined by careless mistakes made by people.

Malware and phishing attacks often have humans as their victims.

Effective security awareness training is critical for any organization, and our program strives to equip staff members with the tools they need to stay protected. By providing key insights on cyber threats and best practices in safeguarding data, we arm employees with knowledge that can help them avoid potentially costly breaches.

• Threats that the organization faces on a daily basis.
• Identification of a threat and how it could affect the organization.
• How to avoid falling a victim to threats.
• How to report such attacks.

The effectiveness of such staff training is essential for the long-term success of your organization.

We help develop a staff security awareness training strategy for your company.

Our training solutions help your organization in the following ways:

New Employee Security Training – At our company, security is an integral part of the corporate culture. We ensure that all new staff are made aware of these policies from their very first day on the job and encourage them to begin familiarizing themselves with it right away.
Monitor threats landscape – As a security training watchdog, we stay vigilant and always have an eye out for the latest malicious attacks. We ensure our staff are well-equipped to identify scam strategies by regularly updating our programs with up-to-date knowledge on how they can steer clear of danger.
Practice refreshing memory – For organizations to stay secure, continual training is key. Not only does it remind staff of the latest security protocols but also equips them with the best practices for combating potential deception and malicious attacks. This helps cultivate a proactive mindset that can swiftly recognize threats before they arise.

Keep engaging in training to sustain staff interest. We organize several training supplements like live presentations, posters, handouts, email phishing simulations, webinars, etc. Staff security awareness training is essential for your business.

As the global security threat landscape continues to evolve, such training helps in reducing helpdesk costs, avoiding reputation loss and bolstering overall security. Our easy-to-implement training program can help reduce security breaches.

We provide your staff with relevant information on security and compliance topics that are useful while conducting their daily activities securely.

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