Staff Privacy Awareness Training

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Privacy training for staff lays the foundation for robust organization-wide security. As staff realize the importance of privacy, they help build a culture of IT security and privacy compliance throughout the organization. Our specialized training covers principles of privacy and more importantly, in terms of information security awareness. The interactive course is designed for easy understanding for all employees – skilled and unskilled. The privacy basics are universal to all and make a solid foundation for privacy principles and best practices. We present realistic training scenarios where staff is allowed to make decisions freely.
Once the results are assessed, proper training is done to focus on shortcomings. The course is relevant to learner staff from all the departments and levels of the organization.

The main objectives of the staff privacy awareness training are

• Develop an understanding of privacy and its importance at the individual and organization level.
• Know the types of information and how they can be protected.
• Establish privacy responsibilities for each individual and acknowledge to uphold the same.
• Knowledge of basic privacy principles and practices.
• Procedures to keep personal information safe.
• How to identify privacy breaches and promptly report the same to the relevant authority.

Interactive learning environment

Our training focuses on providing an interactive learning environment for staff. As staff becomes comfortable by asking questions, their learning ability is enhanced manifold. Realistic scenarios are simulated to present the importance of privacy and how breaches can be salvaged by following safety protocols.
Our endeavor to present case scenarios in a creative and stimulating manner helps employees gain perspectives quickly so they can stay aware while performing their day-to-day responsibilities. Such training helps lower the impact of information security breaches for your company. It also ensures the protection of the privacy of stakeholders and clients.
Integrated assessments help reinforce staff’s learning and improve their comprehension of concepts. Hence, staff privacy awareness training sets out to help employees understand the importance of privacy, IT security, and data protection.

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