RedRok is an all-in-one cyber security solution that helps businesses mitigate risks, protect digital assets, and maintain business continuity. It offers a range of services, including vulnerability assessments, intrusion detection, firewalls, and threat monitoring. RedRok provides real-time alerts and logs to keep businesses ahead of cyber threats.


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Red is an advanced threat intelligence platform that helps organizations identify potential security risks and threats by providing critical insights into their digital footprint, including leaks of secrets and credentials. It offers third-party intelligence and actionable threat intelligence to help organizations proactively mitigate and prevent security incidents.


Exsight is a powerful external reconnaissance security platform. It can help organizations discover assets and vulnerabilities, including those in cloud environments. The platform detects domains, subdomains, and IPs, and it performs web server and service hunting to provide comprehensive insight into potential security risks and threats.

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Insight is an advanced, agentless, plug-and-play internal reconnaissance security platform that offers complete visibility into an organization’s systems and networks, along with practical mitigation strategies and AI-accelerated threat detection. It provides comprehensive capabilities for compensation and offsetting, which help organizations effectively manage security risks and threats.


Rokware is a comprehensive security and privacy awareness platform that offers fully-managed and automated services to help organizations develop and implement effective cybersecurity awareness campaigns and training programs. It includes training on how to identify and prevent phishing, smishing, and vishing attacks, among other security threats.

Before Cybecs
After Partnering With Cybecs

Vulnerable Systems: Many companies operate with gaping security holes, unaware of the lurking dangers.

Overburdened IT Teams: Managing constant threats without the right tools puts tremendous strain on IT departments.

Always Catching Up: Organizations find themselves addressing cyber threats after the damage is done.

In a world where cyber threats evolve rapidly, many businesses struggle with outdated tools and an overwhelmed workforce. This reactive approach often leaves them vulnerable.

Enhanced Protection: RedRok product suite seals potential breaches, ensuring robust security at all times.

Streamlined IT Operations: With Cybecs' solutions, IT teams can focus on strategic tasks rather than constantly putting out fires.

Staying Ahead: Equip your organization to anticipate threats, not just respond to them.

Transitioning to Cybecs doesn't just mean improved security—it means transforming how your organization perceives and handles cyber threats. Move from playing catch-up to staying ahead.

Our Promise

At Cybecs, we prioritize transparency and collaboration, as we keep clients informed at every stage of our security process. Our client-centric approach and high ethical standards have earned us an excellent reputation in the cybersecurity sector. 

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