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One of the most important aspects of any effective security program is security awareness trainingHuman risk is still an important aspect to consider, regardless of how well-documented your policies and processes are or how your technology is structured. Create a security awareness training program tailored to your company’s specific threats.

Cybecs is a cybersecurity company seeking to support consumers’ cyber security efforts throughout the world by providing unique, multilayered internet security solutions that encourage safe and secure technology use. To engage users and promote meaningful behavioral change, Cybecs cybersecurity awareness training solution employs gamification techniques backed by behavioral research. In a simple module-based curriculum, it provides thorough and digestible security instruction. Modules cover a wide range of security subjects and are updated on a regular basis to ensure that all advice is up to date.

Why the Security Awareness program?

  • Enhance your security program’s human aspect.
  • Defend Against Relevant Attacks.
  • Our team collaborates with internal stakeholders to develop a security awareness training program that will result in significant changes in employee behavior.
  • Maintain Consistency
  • Keep staff informed about compliance needs and secure data management, such as PII and other forms of data.
  • Establish a Security Culture
  • Because security affects every aspect of a business, a security culture protects both workers and the whole firm.
  • Consistently training
  • Maintained a current threat and knowledge database for monthly campaigns and updated training for end users and security team employees.

Do you need a Security Awareness program?

Cybecs comprehensive online course takes less than 90 minutes to complete and uses gamified quizzes, role acting, and interactive sessions to keep users engaged throughout the learning process. Threat overviews, password safety, email protection, online protection, and preventative actions are all addressed in the cybersecurity awareness trainingThe user-friendly admin dashboard allows you to track the success of training initiatives and individual learners in real-time, as well as produce custom reports. A full phishing simulation platform is also included, with various pre-built customizable email templates and an Office 365 plugin that allows users to flag suspicious emails.

This program is appropriate for enterprises of all sizes that want comprehensive, easy-to-use security awareness training that supports regulatory compliance and includes high-quality phishing simulations.

Why us

Cybecs is the most widely used integration platform for security awareness training and simulated phishing assaults worldwide. We assist hundreds of organizations in dealing with the ongoing social engineering issue. Our goal is to: Educate your staff on how to make more informed security decisions.

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