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Cybecs is the only company turning regulatory requirements into action plans that improve an organization’s technical and structural complianceThis can include everything from using regulatory requirements to improve access control and protection to implementing GDPR compliance requirements in a company to providing detailed reports on whether a company has the necessary documented policies, proceduresstandardsguidelines, and baselines.

These can be accomplished using technology to bridge the gap between present conditions and desired results.

How does Cybecs Regulation work

Our Regulation works by requiring covered organizations to implement stringent cybersecurity policies, such as the creation of a detailed cybersecurity plan, the appointment of a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), the adoption of a comprehensive cybersecurity policy, and the implementation and maintenance of an ongoing cybersecurity event reporting system. Each of these elements is made up of a number of sub-regulations and requirements.

Cybecs regulation requirements

According to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, a cybersecurity program that conforms to the new Cybecs Regulation must have many critical requirements:

  • Identify all internal and external cybersecurity threats.
  • Invest in defensive infrastructure to combat these threats.
  • Use cybersecurity event detection system.
  • Respond to all cybersecurity incidents that are discovered.
  • Make an effort to recover from each cyber-attack.
  • Comply with different regulatory reporting obligations.

Cybecs policy design

Our Cybersecurity Regulation’s phase entered into effect on (ADD YOUR DATE) November 25, 2021, and it requires covered firms to adopt a cybersecurity strategy, as well as an incident response plan that includes data breach notifications within 72 hours. Concerns must be addressed in accordance with industry best practices and ISO 27001 requirements in the policy. The policy should address the following topics:

  • Information security. 
  • Access controls .
  • Disaster recovery planning .
  • Systems and network security .
  • Customer data privacy. 
  • Regular risk assessments.

Additional requirements

Organizations subject to the Cybecs Regulation must also: 

  • Manage developing cybersecurity risks and responses with certified, continually trained cybersecurity employees. It’s possible that these are third-party actors.
  • Report any cybersecurity occurrences to the Cybecs with a “reasonable chance” of inflicting significant harm.
  • Set access permissions to a minimum. Users‘ access privileges must be monitored and limited by companies subject to the rule.


Today’s corporate procedures rely heavily on information technologyWe build, evaluate, test, and update plans by aligning strategic and tactical planningThis verifies technical and logistical capabilities to respond in a timely and efficient manner to satisfy Recovery Time and Point Objectives.

Data center recovery strategies

Today’s businesses rely largely on information technology to remain highly accessible and to function with little disruption in the event of a crisisA well-planned, comprehensive data center recovery solution that fulfills the demands of the business is critical to the success of a BCP program. Cybecs data center recovery plan approach includes a written business case to assist you in making data center recovery decisions. Recovery alternatives, suggestions, related expenses, data center needs, and a relocation/migration strategy are all covered to offer management the knowledge they need to make sound decisions.

Data center relocation

For clients seeking Data Center Relocation owing to consolidations, migrations, acquisitions, company relocation, or other strategic business reasons, Cybecs provides complete planning, project management, and implementation services. Pre-move, relocation and post-move IT services are all available through our Data Center Relocation IT service.

What does Cybecs do?

The actions of management in the early hours of a crisis can have a significant influence on a company’s capacity to respond and recover with minimal economic, reputational, and physical consequences. We assist you in developing strategies that specify individual roles and responsibilities, allowing for rapid action to solve crucial challenges. This reduces the negative impact of a crisis on people, infrastructure, and critical business processes.

Is your team identified and prepared to make sound judgments in the event of a crisis?

Planning for disaster recovery is a continuous activity. Maintaining and upgrading your plans is an important part of keeping your Disaster Recovery plan in line with your company’s needs and goals. The BCP planning methodology, or process, developed by Cybecs Consulting provides a framework of needs, efforts, and deliverables, all of which lead to the next step in a continuous improvement cycle.


This policy (the “Data Protection and Privacy Policy”) describes what personal data about you we collect when you visit our website (the “Website”), when and why we collect it, how we use it, the conditions under which we disclose it to third parties, and how we safeguard the personal data we retain.

What are Privacy Data Handling Policies, and why is it important

Privacy Data Handling Policies are a set of guidelines for how sensitive and important data should be gathered and managed. Personal health information (PHI) and personally identifiable information (PII) are two examples of data privacy (PII)Financial data, medical records, social security or ID numbers, names, birthdates, and contact information are all examples.

Why is data privacy important?

All sensitive information that firms manage, including that of customers, shareholders, and workers, is subject to privacy data handling policiesThis data is frequently crucial to corporate operations, development, and finances.
Privacy Data Handling Policies guarantee that sensitive information is only available to those who have been authorized. It helps firms comply with regulatory standards by preventing criminals from using data for nefarious purposes. Data protection laws ensure that personal information is kept private.

What does it do?

Build and guard the trust

Protect brand image, reputation, and client trust.

Meet regulatory compliance

Comply with complex local, national, and global regulations and requirements.

Manage business better

Guide privacy policies, statements, and operating procedures.

Reduce department silos

Align business lines, security, R, legal, IT, and management.

Why us

Cybecs places a high value on the security of your personal information and only works with providers that follow the tightest security and data protection guidelinesTo ensure the security of your personal dataCybecs has implemented technical and organizational security measures. Information is stored on secure networks, with access limited to staff and partners who are authorized to use our systems.


One of the most significant aspects of the company’s information security management is the documenting of critical security procedures and actionsThe documented information security policy or the security rules for users represent a certain obligation for the company, its employees, and eventually suppliers and other entities that interact with the company’s information system, according to the credo “The spoken word perishes, the written word remains.” We can assist you with the creation of all security documents so that it complies with prescriptive and other applicable standards as part of our services.

The situation in the field

Each established corporate culture generates a plethora of internal papers, all of which include the organization’s conditions of competence. It’s unusual to associate these internal papers with IT system securityThere is no overview of tasks and rolesMost of the time, the administrators and network administrators are solely responsible.

Our services benefits

We deal with security through a system of corporate documents that include all relevant information!

Our Goal

A number of basic security principles and practices must be explicitly defined in the context of information security management. The information security strategy and core corporate principles are defined in the security policies, which are part of the basic documentsThe methodology of partial fields and security processes are regulated and specified in further follow-up publications. The information processing and IS management security processes are described in the accompanying documentationIt establishes and specifies particular processes, as well as the duties and responsibilities of each function, as well as the skills required to carry out certain processes.

Why us

We use our extensive expertise in designing and implementing information security management systems, as well as precise execution of all relevant duties, to create the documentationA group of numerous connected security papers can be part of the fundamental security documentation (documentation of information security processes). The firm may tailor its distribution to meet their individual requirements.


For many years, our skilled physical security consultants have been educating customers how to avoid crime before it occurs. Before they can be abused, we identify physical security risks and weaknessesTo supply our clients with the most up-to-date security solutionsCybecs Consulting has partnered with a respected security systems firm.

Here are a few examples of physical security solutions we provide

  • Access Control – Physical security also includes safeguarding your premises from natural calamities such as fires and natural disasters. Smoke detectors, sprinklers, and backup systems are examples of environmental security solutions that can help secure your company’s data.
  • Surveillance – In order to deter attackers from breaking into your premises, your business should have proper monitoringStrategically positioned cameras and microphones, intrusion detection sensors, and surveillance control rooms are all examples of surveillance solutions.
  • Environmental Security – Protecting your property against natural calamities such as fires and natural disasters is also part of physical securityEnvironmental security solutions such as smoke alarms, sprinklers, and backup systems can assist safeguard your company’s data.
  • Security Guard Training – Cybecs advisors have a combined military and law enforcement expertise of more than 100 years. We can assess the present procedures of your security team and make recommendations for improvement. Consider us an extension of your staff!

By performing a physical security risk analysis to identify weaknesses and design suitable remediesCybecs offers Consulting’s team can make your organization’s facilities safer. Our security evaluations are based on specialized security principles that we’ve created over the course of our military and law enforcement careers. We’ve done the research, have the training, and have the knowledge to keep your company’s assets safe.

Why Cybecs

Cybecs have established an Office of Physical Protection and Material Security inside the Department of Safeguards at the organizational level. Its creation exemplifies the interplay between physical security and nuclear nonproliferation concerns. Are you looking to improve the safety and security of your company? For enterprises of all sizes and scopes, Cybecs delivers life safety and physical security solutionsFor educational institutions, small organizations, and large entities, Cybecs has been a reliable security solutionTo learn more, please contact us immediately.

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