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Simulated cyberattacks on a company’s systems can help identify vulnerabilities without suffering the consequences of an actual attack. Penetration Testing service helps test IT security breaches and identify weak links in the company’s cybersecurity situation.
The process challenges the integrity of the network and the systems attached to it. Proper health and upkeep of a company’s IT infrastructure are critical to the smooth working of the organization.
Hence given its essential value, corporates should consult professionals for penetration testing. The expense of testing the systems is way lower than what is at stake if the systems face an actual attack.
Our team of experts will ensure that penetration testing highlights the weak spots in your organization’s security. This testing can be done without causing any harm to your systems and network. We will provide you insights once we run the tests, and we will work jointly with your systems teams to discuss the excluded items from the scope of the test. Our ethical hacking tests help discover security issues within your company’s systems.

Types of penetration testing

  • Network infra testing – As companies expand their operations across geographies, a secure network works as a backbone for smooth functioning. A penetration test on the company’s network is carried out to check its ability to withhold external attacks. A network consists of several nodes and devices. Testing is done with the view that a single compromised machine can compromise the whole network. Our simulated attacks on network security include thorough testing like – intercepting network packet traffic, circumventing endpoint security systems, router testing, credential vulnerability tests, exploiting network loopholes, etc.
  • Web app testing – Web applications are the most flexible and customizable tools organizations use to solve business challenges. Web app testing focuses on checking the ability of web apps to withstand attacks originating from external networks. Depending on the type of web app, it could either be vulnerable on the server side or the client side. We endeavor to identify weak points in Web apps working and make security recommendations accordingly.
  • Wireless testing – As the vastness of business operations expands, it poses a challenge to keep devices connected. Most organizations have adopted wireless technologies to secure their assets for operations and tracking. A wireless test will check for vulnerabilities in the overall wireless network, like insecure wireless network configurations that can be exploited due to its weak authentication. We also contain mobile devices for security lapses.

Why us

When users fail to detect a phishing email or fail to follow security policies, Cybecs anti-phishing technology provides a thorough and automatic backup. Anti-phishing services from Cybecs may be established and pushed out across a business right away. Organizations may obtain security on and off the network with Cybecs anti-phishing solutions, with no downtime for users or productivity.

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