Microsoft suffered its second major cloud outage in less than two weeks

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Microsoft suffered its second major cloud outage in less than two weeks

On Monday, Microsoft reported that several services, including webmail, had become inaccessible for users in North America and beyond. The break lasted until Tuesday.

The Downdetector website, which aggregates reports of website and service outages, shows an increase in user reports of Outlook problems as of 3:24 UTC.

Microsoft says that ” functionality such as calendar APIs consumed by other services such as Microsoft Teams is also affected.” This appears to be a reference only to its consumer version of Teams.

Microsoft first confirmed its latest outage on Tuesday at 4:04 a.m. UTC, tweeting 20 minutes later: “We are investigating access and service issues for Outlook.”

Shortly after, Microsoft said the issue appeared to involve “recent changes” that affected “service functionality.” It has initiated “targeted reboots to parts of our infrastructure affected by the recent change” to try and resolve the issue.

Although the problem appears to involve infrastructure in North America, disruptions are still being seen around the world. “Users in additional regions beyond North America may experience some residual impact due to the parts of the infrastructure affected in North America,” Microsoft reported.

As of yesterday evening, Microsoft reported that the services were fully restored.

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