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Rising threats have been matched by the exponential growth of technological advancements, ever-evolving business structures coupled with a dramatic increase in privacy and security regulations globally.

The need to secure personal and company information has never been greater. Technology can address increasingly sophisticated commercial structures.

Operations become more complex due to ever-increasing networks that participate in the supply chain process, Increased data flows and sensitive operation and IT that monitors and facilitates the supply chain process.
The advancement in technology makes systems more interconnected. While in the past companies used separate systems for different jurisdictions, today transactions in Singapore can affect a system in New York.

A vulnerability in one place can affect the entire system globally. In order to provide enhanced security services, Cybecs adopts a learning mode to understand the structure of the business to determine: What are the most important assets to protect? What are the threats to the assets? What vulnerabilities do the assets have to be exploited? What is the likelihood that this gets exploited?


Cybecs mission is to assure the security of the organization Information resources and provide a safe computing environment to the Company and its business arena.
This mission is achieved through utilization of policy and procedures, security training and awareness, and technical controls.
We assure the company that its environment is safe by implementing End to End solution customized to the specific needs of the organization.

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