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Pepsi Bottling Ventures reports a data breach after hackers were able to access the company’s systems and steal sensitive information

Pepsi Bottling Ventures is the largest privately owned company in the US for the production and marketing of Pepsi brands. In a report published by the company, it states that attackers have been on the company’s network for almost a month installing various vulnerabilities and stealing sensitive information, including financial information, digital signatures, passwords and…
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A10 Networks confirms data breach after Play ransomware attack

California-based networking hardware maker A10 Networks has confirmed that the Play ransomware gang briefly gained access to its IT infrastructure and compromised data. A10 Networks specializes in the manufacture of software and hardware application delivery controllers (ADC), identity management solutions and bandwidth management appliances, while also offering firewall and DDoS threat intelligence and mitigation services.…
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Hackers hit Vesuvius , British engineering firm shuts down affected systems

Vesuvius, a molten metal flow engineering company listed on the London Stock Exchange, says it has been hit by a cyber attack. This morning, Vesuvius issued an alert that it is “currently managing a cyber incident.” For now, details are scarce. There is still no indication of the extent of the problem, or which IT…
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The BlackCat Group adds an Indian rocket fuel manufacturer to its list of victims

An Indian rocket fuel maker is facing the possibility of the BlackCat Group leaking what it says is more than 2 terabytes of sensitive data. The BlackCat gang, also known as Alphv, says it stole from Solar Industries the propellant used in a variety of Indian military missile and rocket systems, as well as warhead…
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