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Management and more are all areas where Cybecs has decades of incident response expertise and domain knowledge.

During incident response engagements, your team collaborates with our specialists to improve procedures and reduce the chances of similar accidents happening again.

How do we respond to an Incident?

Investigating and scoping

We’ll begin working with your team on Forensic analysis, Investigating protocols with high standards, and defining adaptable playbooks for a variety of scenarios and severity levels.

We get the information required to help us make better decisions before an incident occurs, in order to act fast and accurately when it does.

Services & Recommendations for remediation

Cybecs IR team takes a wide range of steps to resolve problems on endpoints and elsewhere. Changes to security settings, architecture and tooling are examples.

Advanced Research

We’ll do in-depth examinations and analyses for concerns that aren’t routine. Reverse engineering, comprehensive intrusion analysis, and root cause analysis are all examples of this. Cybecs will provide an initial analysis report as well as a final report during the incident’s conclusion.

Cybecs Incident response retainer service

Customers can pre-negotiate a retainer for Incident Response services with Cybecs. In the case of a security problem, this option allows the skilled Cybecs IR Team to quickly begin mitigation measures without the need for lengthy contract processes. For further information, Contact Us.

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