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An organization’s success is determined not only by its balance sheet, but the assets it owns. High-Value Assets are the assets that impact operations, regulatory compliance and business growth, and have to be safeguarded at all times and at all cost.

Cybecs provides you with the requisite knowledge, skills, and experience to conduct thorough, High-Value Assets Assessments.

1. We perform a comprehensive Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (RVA). It is an assessment involving the identification and study of threats and vulnerabilities in the system.
Any deviations and variances from ideal configurations are assessed for risks and a risk mitigation strategy will be developed.

2. We conduct Penetration Testing to test security both internally and externally. Our tests mimic actual attacks and try to pass the security of the application.
Such tests help in checking the robustness of existing security measures against data breaches.

3. Network Mapping is needed where assets are connected to a network through their IP address. We prepare a map of the organization’s systems using visual representation that can be useful in identifying network issues that may pose risks to high value assets.

4. Vulnerability Scanning is carried out to identify IT vulnerabilities that hackers may exploit.
We provide executive summary and in-depth risk assessment reports.

5. Another way our high value assessments work is through Phishing Assessments where we evaluate the levels of awareness about Phishing among your staff. Our Phishing assessment reports include metrics used to arrive at the results and identify weaknesses in the email policy deployed within the organization.

6. On-site wireless assessments are of extreme importance as high-value assets are connected to networks for monitoring purposes.
Our wireless assessment reports provide detailed wireless vulnerability analysis with recommendations on how to mitigate them.

Cybecs assesses and develops sophisticated strategies to help proactively mitigate potential losses from cyber attacks. Our experts deliver robust recommendations for defense solutions that keep your data protected in the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape.

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