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Nowadays, the majority of businesses are migrating their resources to cloud computing, which raises security concerns as key roadblocks. As a result, a growing number of cloud security solutions are being developed. In general, cloud security or cloud computing security refers to safeguarding cloud data or information against hacking, deletion, online theft, leaking, and other threats.

Cloud Security is provided through a collection of apps, firewalls, rules, VPN controls, technologies, and small software-based solutions, among other things. Cloud security is a type of computer or network securityCloud Security Solutions and Services refer to businesses that provide security services connected to cloud computing.

Cybecs provides Cloud security and security management best practices to prevent unauthorized access to data and applications in the cloud, which are essential to keep data and applications safe from existing and upcoming cybersecurity threats. Visibility into cloud data, control over cloud data, access to cloud data and applications, compliance, cloud-native breaches, misconfiguration, and disaster recovery are all problems in maintaining a secure cloud.

Cybecs Security Monitoring detects security threats to your cloud apps, network, and infrastructure in real-time. It investigates security issues and provides a wealth of data in metrics, traces, and logs, among other things.

  • You can gather metrics, logs, and traces from your whole stack as well as from your security solutions with over 450 turn-key integrations, allowing you to instantly spot threats across dynamic cloud settings.
  • Cybecs Detection Rules give a reliable way to detect security vulnerabilities and suspicious behavior across all ingested logs in real-time.
  • Start detecting threats in minutes using preset out-of-the-box criteria for typical attacker techniques.
  • Using our simple rules editor, you don’t need any query language to update or adjust any rule.

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