CISO as a Service

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Cybecs CISO as a Service, connects organizations with professional cybersecurity experts, specializing in analyzing, measuring, developing and suggesting risk-mitigation strategies.

CISO as a Service Features

• Data Breach Prevention

Providing a catalyst for efficient security risk management for your company. Data breach prevention will be a top priority for your CISOaaS, who will also work to strengthen the entire security programme.


Understands the consequences of new or emerging threats and develops a risk-based strategic roadmap to match cyber security activities with the risk appetite of the organization.


Prioritizes the organization’s business operations and information assets, and ensures that security, resources, and finances are all in place to carry out these priorities.

What are the benefits of CISO as a Service Model?

CISOaaS offers you the knowledge without the drawbacks. It provides your organization with low-cost access to strategic security expertise and technological skills. You may develop and maintain an ISMS (information security management system) with the aid of your in-house IT personnel, and adopt a risk-based approach to securing important assets.

Our CISOaaS is supported by a custom-built SaaS infrastructure, allowing CISOaaS to be delivered remotely if needed.
Enhance your cyber and information strategy with a well-defined road map to reduce your risk.
Extensive experience explaining security to top executives, board members, and non-technical senior personnel;
Our impartiality and trustworthiness can assist you in securing cross-business support and achieving your information security objectives.

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