Canada ‘s largest bookstore Indigo closes site after cyber attack

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Canada ‘s largest bookstore Indigo closes site after cyber attack

Indigo Books & Music, the largest chain of bookstores in Canada, suffered a cyber attack yesterday, which caused the company to disable the site for customers and accept cash payments only.

The exact nature of the incident is still unclear but Indigo does not rule out that the hackers may have stolen customer data.

On Wednesday, Indigo announced that “technical issues” were preventing access to the site and customers at physical stores could only pay in cash.

In addition, the company announced that gift card transactions are not possible and that there may be delays in online orders.

A few hours later, Indigo revealed that its computer systems had been the target of a cyber attack and was in the process of investigating the incident with the help of third-party experts.

The company did not disclose the type of cyber security incident it is currently dealing with, but said it is trying to determine if the intruders were able to gain access and/or steal customer data.

Since Indigo said it is working to restore the systems, another possibility would be a ransomware attack.

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