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Application security is a set of procedures, technologies, and practices aimed at safeguarding applications against risks across their entire lifespan. To steal data, intellectual property, and sensitive information, cyber thieves are organized, specialized, and motivated to locate and exploit vulnerabilities in corporate systems. Application security can assist businesses in protecting all types of applications (legacy, desktop, online, mobile, and microservices) utilized by internal and external stakeholders such as customers, partners, and workers. Application security can also be a SaaS (or software as a service) offering, in which the customer consumes services offered by the application security provider as a complete solution.

Organizations want application security solutions to protect all of their software, starting from internal apps to popular third-party apps on consumers’ phones.

These solutions must:

• Cover the full development process
• Provide post-deployment testing to detect issues
• Must be able to test web applications for possible and exploitable vulnerabilities
• Analyze code
• Assist in the security and development management processes by coordinating efforts and facilitating communication among diverse stakeholders

What is SAST?

SAST – Static Application Security Testing is a testing methodology that used Application Security tools to scan applications.

• Find and fix flaws in source code, binary code, and byte code.
• Review static analysis scan findings in real-time, including suggestions, line-of-code navigation, and collaborative auditing.
• Completely compatible with the Integrated Developer Environment (IDE).

What is DAST?

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) simulates controlled assaults on a live online application or service to find exploitable flaws.

• It can be incorporated into Dev, QA, and Production to provide a continuous holistic view of application security by concentrating on what’s vulnerable and covering all components (server, custom code, open source, and services).
• The dynamic analysis allows a larger approach to manage portfolio risk (thousands of apps) and may scan legacy apps as part of risk management.
• Functional app testing, unlike SAST, is not language bound, allowing for the discovery of runtime and environment-related problems.

Do You Need an Application Security Solution?

Cybecs Application Security solutions provide on-premise and as-a-service application security testing and administration to assist businesses in protecting their software applications, including legacy, mobile, third-party, and open-source applications.

Static, dynamic, interactive application security testing, runtime application self-protection, and services to support a Software Security Assurance program, which are methods to verify that the programs that operate your organization are safe and secure, were among the Cybecs products.

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