Anti-Phishing Training

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A good training aims at altering user behavior and reducing the issue at hand. Anti-phishing training is intended to train humans against breaches that are initiated through a successful phishing attack.

Such attacks do not target technical vulnerabilities. Instead, they focus on humans as a weak link in the security chain.

As per Verizon’s 2019 data breach report, more than 90% of breaches originate from email attachments and links. It also highlighted that mobile devices are more susceptible to attacks because of small screen size and distracting use.

The average cost of a data breach can quickly rise up to millions of dollars.

We help companies design and deliver anti-phishing training to their employees. Phishing emails are designed to look like they originated from legitimate websites and mimic their style and language. Once the user is convinced about their legitimacy, they are enticed to provide their personal information. Such phished data is a collection of stolen credentials and personal info. It is deployed to get access to the company’s internal documents and steal employee records.

A Company’s anti-phishing efforts are only as good as how its employees react to such emails. There is a need to drive a culture of phishing awareness within the company.

The employees should be able to identify:

Relevant email sources.
• Illegitimate email format.
• Fake invoice.
• Claims of government refund.
• Links that ask to fill account details.

In addition to the items above, employees should be trained to correctly report probable phishing attacks to the relevant risk department. This helps the organization develop robust protection against attacks and thereby similar attacks on other employees.

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