• Red

    Red scans the Dark Web for leaked information and credentials.

  • Exsight

    Exsight detects assets and vulnerabilities in cloud environments and external networks.

  • Insight

    Insight provides internal network auditing with security recommendations

  • Rokware

    Rokware provides Cyber Awareness Training for scam emails, voice calls and SMS.

  • Partners

    Industry partnerships improve our offerings, advantage, and customer satisfaction.

  • Courses

    Start building your career. Learn topics like networking, cybersecurity, Programming and job-ready skills.

  • Request Demo

    See the power of RedRok in action. Elevate your security posture, stop data leaks and prevent attacks .

Optimize Your Security

Cybecs’ RedRok is an advanced security optimization platform crafted to aid IT teams in enhancing visibility, overseeing threats, and mitigating risk within their security tools, whether they are on-premises, on the cloud, networks, or endpoints.

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